It is a Profession

Holton Buggs

Network Marketing is profession not really a business. You have to go to school and learn and get the skills for success. In MLM school, you are learning and earning at the same time.

In America where network marketing started from, you are told at the point of your enrollment that you are signing up to get back to school for 10 years and you are assured of becoming a millionaire in the process.

In Asia, African and especially in Nigeria, people want to become millionaires the very day they join a network marketing company. They are not ready to learn the skills and develop themselves to become the people that will attract the millions. It is better to have wisdom before you have money.

How many years do doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers spend in school before they got a certificate to look for job? In MLM, when you graduate, you graduate to become a multi-millionaire. It will worth your time, effort and financial investment if you have the staying-power to learn and apply the skills with the right mind-set about the network marketing profession.

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I started in this industry at the age of 18. I wanted what everyone else wanted. “That Microwave Oven Success,” but I never was that unfortunate. I went seven years with my biggest check being $500 for the month. But I had to pay out $240 of that to my group. I never had more than 50 distributors in my group after 7 years of dedication. My biggest monthly volume was 1200 GV. However, I am grateful for my journey. Too much success too soon would have been a distraction for me. I know me and it would have prevented me from developing the way that I did. Now, I am addicted to personal development. To you, it appears that 18 years is too long to start making big money. To me, it was a very short time. I look at it this way, I plan to live another 60 years. That means 18 years of learning how to get it right and 66 years enjoying it. It’s all about perspective. I would do it again in a heartbeat!!!
This is not permission to grow slow as I believe the right person in their late 20’s to early 30’s will surpass my achievements. More information is available now and time can be compressed. But the price is still the same. You must pay it!



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