“Ideas are the root of creation” Ernest Dimnet. In the absence of new ideas, we experience a lull of new inventions and remain at the same level of our fore bears with no progress. In the creation of the world, God came out with new ideas each day. Today, the world is a wealthy and beautiful place made possible through the functionality of God’s ideas flowing in dreamers who believe they can.

Wealth, be it spiritual, physical, material, emotional, intellectual, financial is a function of ideas. Think it, ink it, do it and review your ideas for growth. Start giving values to your ideas and you could exchange it for money. Your prosperity is hidden in the problems you were born to solve. No idea No solution! Your purpose and passion in life is your first and foremost idea. God created the world out of nothing. You do not need money to generate ideas. God did not create money, it was man that created it.

Martin Luther king(Jn) said “I have a dream” and there was a march of this dream in Washington on 28th August,1963. It was a march of freedom for the black race in America. Today, we have a black American as the president in person of Barack Obama . Don’t give up on your noble idea, purse it.

Ideas create wealth! To increase you idea, you must daily do this: “If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin. One of my mentor normally says; if you empty your pocket to fill your head, your head will fill your pocket.

To be continue. Stay tune!

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