Today, all Nigerians are very excited to be alive. Today is the beginning of true democracy. Congratulations to all Nigerians. I am proud to be a Nigerian. The whole world give Nigeria a standing ovation today May 29th, 2015.

The time has come that Nigerians must stop exporting vices and start exporting virtues. Nigeria is returning to her pride place in the comity of the world. God has visited Nigeria and has decided to live in Nigeria going forward. God is faithful to the creation of His hand. We are grateful Lord. Great is your faithful our God.

My heartfelt prayers for the new leadership and especially Mr. Buhari, will guard his heart with all diligent to serve Nigerians and be a blessing to all. May the wisdom of God not fail him and all his team. May he not lack the courage to fix what God want him to fix in Nigeria. God will crown all their efforts to fix Nigeria with outstanding success.

Nigerians should get ready to change their ways of life. It is time to believe in yourself. This is the time to believe in Nigeria again. I have never doubted in my beloved country. Nigerians should take rest in what God has done for us and get to work for the New Nigeria.

This is a most wonderful time to be alive as a Nigerian. Congratulations Nigerians.

O God of creation,

Direct our noble cause;

Guide our Leader right:

Help our Youth the truth to know,

In love and honesty to grow,

And living just and true,

Great lofty heights attain,

To build a nation where peace and justice reign.

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