“Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city the watchman wakes but in vain”

Without God in this passing year, life, business, career, marriages, relationships, ministry, nations, families cannot do anything. Where God is not respected, there is bound to be disappointments. The God of heaven and earth is a faithful God. He has done it again in this passing year 2010.

My heart is full of gratitude to God for the capacity built, the relationship started and sustained, the mentoring established, the business growth, the opened doors, the closed doors to disappointments, the next level reached, the possibilities envisaged, the new beginnings, the discoveries in life, ministry, the abundance and the signals of abundance in the coming year, the growth and understanding in the family, the forgiveness received, the joy and hope of a better tomorrow, the travels within the year, the new ideas, the spiritual height, the new friends made, the value added to me through these friends, the wonders of this passing year 2010 and so on. I could continue to count the blessings and the whole time in life and eternity would not be enough to thank and appreciate God.

I thank God for the platform this year to bless people and be part of their success story. I thank God for the many thank you received.  I thank God for been the channel through which many were blessed this passing year. It has been a year to be more to be able to give more in the coming years.

God you have been good, great and glorious to me and all that is mine.

Thank you Lord. This year has been full of defining, refining, streamlining and engaging purpose and goals.


I like to read your comments as you show your gratitude as well.

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