Some pastor’s think when they have money they will backslide. It is when a pastor does not have money that he may backslide. A pastor in my church, when he announced that the members should contribute towards a particular project, he also supported the announcement with his own 40-50% monetary contribution towards the same project. How many pastors can do that? He could do it because he is free financially.

As a pastor, if you are not free financially, you could misbehave.

A pastor was disciplined for misappropriating the church money. This pastor monthly salary is less than N10, 000. He has two children in the higher institution and a wife to cater for. The church is blaming him for stealing, yet the church Bishops and G.O’S are buying  PRIVATE JETs today without taking care of the pastors helping them to collect tithes and offering in various branches across the globe. According to industry experts, it costs an average of $550,000 annually to maintain a private jet.  God will judge! THE PASTOR WHO STOLE BECAUSE HIS SALARY IS SMALL, WILL ALSO FACE GOD’S JUDGEMENT EXCEPT HE REPENTS.

Pastors, I believe so much in the great work you are doing. But you cannot do that work with integrity if you are not financially free. It is good to have money has a pastor. It is your motive for money that matters. Money answers all things.  This includes, your family needs, your children school fees, your hospital bills, your daily expenses, your vacation, your retirement and future needs………….If all these are not taken care of, you will steal, give false prophecies, you will compromise your values/integrity and lose sight of kingdom reality. Be wise go for financial intelligence that will lead you to financial freedom.

I have met some pastors who told me God told them not to do business. They are wrong. Ministry is business and God will not contradict Himself. Some also said their G.O’S and Bishops told them to preach the gospel only and not do any other thing with it even if those things complement the work of God and does not contradict the ministry work. Those pastors should be wise by now with all the things happening in Nigerian churches.

Pastors, I listened to another pastor recently in one of my seminar who said, his wife gave him a picture he took with other 8 ministers of the gospel but he realized he was the only serving minister left. Others have dead. They left wives and children behind for him and the church to cater for. He said he does not want to leave this world that way. Leaving this world without preparing for the future of your loved ones? God forbid. Make up your mind you will not leave debts for your family. Make up your mind you will leave inheritance for your children’s children. You cannot achieve this depending only on the salary or money that comes from your church. Seek other legitimate opportunities to prepare for your financial future. Don’t let your G.O’S; Bishop’s and Senior Pastors use you to achieve their dreams at the expense of your own. I know you may be working for God under their leadership, but that may not be doing the will of God and living for the dream and purpose for your creation. I believe in ministry. You may be a pastor in a church, also go for your ministry. Pastor work will give you wages but ministry will give you fortune. It is fortune that will sustain you and your loved ones not wages.

Pastors, God wants you to prosper: “Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, Let the LORD be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant”. Psalms 35:27 


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