Do You Have A Life Plan?

Life planning is a non-negotiable part of human race. You either plan your life or you help to fulfill others life plans with regrets in the future.

Momentary victories are not enough. Many people substitute goal setting for life planning, but I think it is a bad trade-off. Most of us set goals, but very few of us have enjoyed real long-term success.

Undoubtedly, some wonderful results come from goal setting, because if you live your life without setting a goal, you will end up not scoring a goal. But I much prefer life planning. When you choose life planning, you understand that every decision you make will enable you either to increase or decrease your net worth not necessarily in monetary value, but in every aspect of your life. Your life planning helps to add value to people and leaves a lasting legacy in the hearts of the people.

Every decision you make incurs a cost somewhere. Indecision is equally making a decision, with its own set of consequences. Putting together a life plan doesn’t mean that your life will turn out exactly as mapped out. Rather, it means taking the time to study the depths of your heart and give it top priority.

In life planning you get proactive and try to extract those plans so that you have the highest probability of becoming who you want to become—in business, profession, ministry, family and in all areas of life that you consider most important.

Without a life plan, you have a much greater chance of getting “off purpose.” Life planning is by far the single most effective exercise that can help you to avoid a life of regret. Balance your life. Live a full life and enjoy the process to a full life. Don’t spend all your life in the office, the church, social gathering, academic pursuit, money making alone etc.

Are you engage in church activities or kingdom activities? I think it is better to be engage in kingdom activities than church activities. The choice is always yours.

“For what is your life? It is even a vapour that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away.” Be wise.

Plan your life and work your plan.

If you need help, as a consultant on life planning, it will be my pleasure to guide you and mentor you on this part. You are not alone. You can rest on the shoulders of others to bring you to your desired success and significant.

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