Creating A Future Without Limit

The dream you have in your mind (heart) for your marriage, family, employment, business, finances and your life will be affected by the capacity you have built in your mind.

I once heard a story of a father and his son. The father was a fisherman and the boy normally follow his father to fish. Whenever they go to fish, the father always go with a stick. The  father will always measure the fish they got with the stick,and any fish that is longer than the stick will be thrown back into the river. The boy asked his father, why he was always throwing the fish back into the river but he had no answer, so the boy grew up with that mentality. The son became a fisherman and got the same length of the stick of the father to measure any fish he got also. He continue life that way. One day, he decided to ask his grandfather why they have to measure the fish with a particular stick and any fish longer than the stick is thrown back into the river. The grandfather told his grandson that the stick is the size of their frying-pan in the house, so any fish that is longer than the frying-pan will be a waste and will not be useful to the family.

The direction of your life is the function of the picture of your mind. Limitation starts from the mind. You cannot have failure in the inside and expect success in the outside. Whatever you have accumulated in life has been a direct consequence of your mindset

Limiting factors

Background – Your background have no right to put you on the ground. Your culture, race, community,gender, country, parent (Poor or Rich) your qualification and education, is not enough to place limits on your future.

Our Past – Your past cannot be change but you can change the future. Be a change agent for your desired future and stop limiting yourself because of the past. Failures of the past, mistakes of the past, success of the past should not limit you. You cannot redeem the past, therefore focus on your today for the best tomorrow.

Opinions of Others about you – Don’t live your life on what people say about you. What God says about you is what matters. Be YOU and REAL. Don’t be intimidated by others opinion, live on your Godly opinion about yourself.

How to Condition Your Mind Positively

  • Keep dreaming – Have a dream for your Dream. The fact that you can dream means, you can make it happen. You cannot feature in a future you don’t picture.
  • Take Action – Work on your Dream. Nothing work until you work. Your intentions are powerless without action. Be alive to your responsibility
  • Live in Integrity – Integrity must be one of your core value.
  • Trusting God always – This is a sure way to a positive mind and a happy future.

God will do what He says He will do regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

Never limit yourself by your frying-pan (mind) go into your future with capacity.

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