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Wealth Principle 3

Wealth is character. One of the best ways to prepare for wealth is to change your person. A man of good character will attract wealth but not all men with good character will be wealthy. A holy man who sees wealth as the root of all evil, wealth will elude him for life. Don’t be

Dream Come True!

Don’t stop believing in your dream, purpose, prophecy, it can come true in your lifetime and also outlive you. Life is for a purpose and nobody is here by mistake. Every individual in the world is unique and carries special assignment. Failure to achieve this special assignment is a great regret in the heart of

A Nation at Risk!

  Nigeria is a nation at risk. We are a nation without federation, no system, no institution, no leader, no law. The bane of corruption in Nigeria is traceable to our leaders. If the leader is corrupt, the subject will be encourage to do evil. This evil has led us to this level. We need

Do You Have A Life Plan?

Life planning is a non-negotiable part of human race. You either plan your life or you help to fulfill others life plans with regrets in the future. Momentary victories are not enough. Many people substitute goal setting for life planning, but I think it is a bad trade-off. Most of us set goals, but very few of


.                 This statement was made by the king servant in the Bible. The king had a dream that MUST be interpreted. The state of mind of the people in Babylon needed urgent attention. God gave a vision of possible solution to change the paradigm of the people.

It’s Time To Take Your Life Back!

  Do you love what you are doing currently? Are you fulfilling your dreams? When you get up in the morning, do you see a bright new world with new opportunities that you can make happen? Are you running out of money before you reach the end of month? Do you dream about doing more, being


Avenues to Wealth special event is holding in Jos where you can LEARN. The MD, Adeolu Akinyemi his team( Matthew Abolurin, Solomon James and Busayo Akanro) & the Chairman ( Prof Pat Utomi) are in Jos to share the secrets to Financial and Business Success. Not only do we teach you the skills, we equip you

From Barbing Salon To GTBank

Written by Fola Adeola in Punch News Paper on Friday 1st July, 2011         Tayo Aderinokun (standing) and Fola Adeola (sitting) at the start of GTBank in 1990   I had moved to Ikoyi in 1986, having joined the wonderful team of young men and women that made up Continental Merchant Bank.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Be not deceived; God is not mocked for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7 Many years ago in the state of Louisiana, there was a man who was an infidel. He did not believe in God. He did not care about God. He did not care for the things of

Helping People !

I have a mandate from God to empower and support people for the rest of my life. I will be supporting people around the globe, transforming lives, raising change agents, equipping  them with information and give them platforms that have the capacity to create and sustain a better life for the rest of their lives.