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Some pastor’s think when they have money they will backslide. It is when a pastor does not have money that he may backslide. A pastor in my church, when he announced that the members should contribute towards a particular project, he also supported the announcement with his own 40-50% monetary contribution towards the same project.


  There is need for connection for true and full freedom as we celebrate this year Independent day in Nigeria. The question is, are we truly and fully free as a people? Is there hope for us as a people? Are we heading towards true transformation to enjoy the abundance that God provides? Can this Nation called

Embrace Your Beautiful Future NOW!

  Our life is NOW! The thoughts, words and actions of today, will birth the result of tomorrow. The future belongs to those who response positively to their bright and beautiful future today. The future is NOW! Don’t be deceive, the future you cannot picture, act on now, you cannot feature, operate, manifest and shine


Life is good. My best days are here. I am so excited to be alive. I am receiving congratulations, well done, you deserves it, beginning of great things, great leader, a man with the mind to help people, Consistent and tenacious leader, a blessed man indeed and so on as congratulatory message on my attainment

Wealth Basics-key decisions for you

  There are six key wealth basics which you need to understand to get your wealth planning on track.   Wealth Basic 1: It is a ten day camel ride! Developing real wealth is almost NEVER a quick fix. It’s almost NEVER the easy road. It almost NEVER makes headlines (at least while it’s in


  Two  2years ago, I attended the very first Leadership Academy of Avenues to Wealth in Nigeria. I have been in Avenues to Wealth since 2008, but never understood Network Marketing and the potential in the opportunity.  Thank God I attended the Academy for the period of 2weeks. I am a living testimony of the

Buckets or Pipes by Adeolu Akinyemi

This is a story I shared in a number of seminars during the weekend, and I think it’s only proper that I share it with you as well. I’m not certain exactly who owns the story, but I believe I have read it in one of Robert Kiyosaki’s books before. It’s an interesting story that

Avenues to Wealth Management Team Storms UK

  It is about to rain, the rain of financial freedom for the people in UK. This weekend, the International Directors of Avenues to Wealth will be engaging, educating and empowering people in this part of the world on sustainable wealth creation, financial intelligence, business alternatives, fractional property ownership in Pretoria, South Africa among others.

Back to School

ABUJA - BENUE - NASARAWA - NIGER STATES, DESIGN YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE I have been receiving mails, sms, calls from my people in North Central to come and empower them financially. The quest for financial freedom and other legitimate streams of income is greatly increasing in the minds of people today. I also get calls

Moving from Left to Right!

If you are interested in financial freedom, one of the major moves you need to make is the movement from the left side of the cashflow quadrant to the right side of the cashflow quadrant. Our educational system has prepared us to operate as employees and at best self-employed or small business owners. The unfortunate