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Achieving Your Dreams 3

Happy New Month. I believe the Second half of this year will be far better than the first half for you in your family, business and endeavors. Sure your Monday is getting super greener with the ongoing promo. Have you gotten your five serious people? Keep on inspiring more people around you and in your

Achieving Your Dreams 2

Happy Green Monday. Sure your Monday is getting greener with the ongoing promo. Leverage on this promo to get your 5 serious people, become bronze, and move to leadership level by working for more people in your team. Today, I want to continue with my promise to share with you within the next 50 Mondays


We have indicated a desire over time to go on a team vacation to Dubai. I am glad to inform you that we have a very cheap offer for an exotic, classy retreat from July 31, 2013 – Aug 4, 2013. SUMMER IN DUBAI **Package Inclusions Return air ticket Return airport transfers Visa 3 star

By Popular Demand

Yes I have! Purely motivated by nothing but love, last year, I was able to inspire  a few thousands of people to consider their financial futures, and I was able to hold a few by the hands to bank their first millions and to take decisive steps towards their financial freedom. For me it’s been

Achieving Your Dreams 1

Dreams are powerful and possible. Dreams are possibilities seeking expression. Network Marketing is a platform, vehicle that you can leverage on to achieve your dreams. Achieving our dreams in life helps us to continue to make right choices on the life we desire. In the next 50 weeks, I will be sharing thoughts, testimonies from

The Jamborees of Today Are The Poverty of Tomorrow

  A pastor friend last week shared with me his anger with his sister. It was a holy anger over his sister’s decision. The sister got a performance bonus from her employer,  N1million, collected a loan of N1million and added her life savings of N700, 000 totally N2.7million and bought a brand new car from

OBSTACLES by Adeolu Akinyemi

  Once upon a time a long time ago, a King put a big rock on the main road to the village and watched what the citizens of the village or passersby will do. He stayed in the nearby bush to watch them. A few village influential men, courtiers and privileged men got to the


The Wonder Banks (Ponzi scheme) are gradually coming back and the pyramid schemes are still around with all kinds of names. Take heed! It is time to say no to opportunities that will not promote a personal healthy life, which will not promote friendship and profitable lasting relationship with people. Some people deliberately refuse to


  “The price of greatness is responsibility.” Winston Churchill You are not born a Winner You are not born a Looser You are born to choose or born with a choice Your results in life are up to you. Agreed? Friends, the level you are today, you are the cause and the level you see


Life is good. My best days are here. I am so excited to be alive. I am receiving congratulations, well done, you deserves it, beginning of great things, great leader, a man with the mind to help people, Consistent and tenacious leader, a blessed man indeed and so on as congratulatory message on my attainment