Be The Programmer!

In teaching patience, there is a common saying. “Wait for your ship to come in.” John L. Mason, however, once said, “Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to meet it.” Our societal and educational structures produce people who put the responsibility on others to make things happen for them. We want others to create opportunities for us. What type of world do you want to see? What kind of government are you passionate about in your nation? What contributions are you willing to make to make it happen? It is time to create your world! Most people wait for something to happen before they react, because being reactive frees us from taking responsibility for our actions. It is easier to put the blame for our failure on someone else.

Life however, is not a reaction, it is an action. People who are highly effective in life are people who are proactive. They do not wait for things to happen, they make things happen.

The world is designed to be run by programmers, people capable of winning within before winning without. The Bible says, “As a man thinks so is he.” True freedom begins from within and manifest without. True wealth starts within you. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo said; “Africans needs the miracle of the mind.” In Africa, we have seen more than enough miracles of blind eyes opened, lame walked, the dead raised to life, and many bodily miracles but Africans needs to be delivered from poverty mentality, impossibility mentality and delivered from the spirit of complacency.

Programmers are people, who take the initiative, go out of their way and do what they need to do making most of opportunities and not waiting for things to happen. They do what they have got to do to make things happen the way they want them to be. Be a man, a woman, a youth, a politician, a governor, a president, a leader, a student a team player of action. Make the first move. The major difference between a failure and success is action.

Some qualities of a good programmer:

Have a clear written vision. You have got to be able to see your new world in your mind before you start creating it. My definition of a vision, “It is a statement of future possibilities”

Push yourself into action. All objects remain at a state of rest until a force is applied. One thousand and one ideas are not as powerful as one action.

Take risk deliberately. Do what you fear most and you will conquer fear. Not acting is riskier than acting. Not taking a risk is biggest risk in the world.

Understand failure rate. Failure is not final. Failure is not failure until you have stop trying. Brian Tracy said; “failure is an embodiment of knowledge.” You increase your chances of succeeding when you increase the rate at which you try. The world will not remember you for the many things you tried that did not work but for the one thing you did that worked. To increase your success rate, double your failure rate.

The noble dreams in your mind put them into a plan and work to turn them into a reality. Only those who make moves make waves. Be the programmer!

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