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Good day and Happy Green Monday. My excitement and commitment to the future of our business is driving me to do more daily. Continue to follow your daily success routine and you are sure to succeed with the Success Formula.

Today, I want to continue with my promise to share with you within the next 50 Mondays of great achievers in our industry. I decided to have some rest last week Monday that is why you did not get any post on achieving your dream. I am back with great lessons that will keep you motivated if you internalize them. In time your rewards will exceed your effort

Name: Bob Covino
Background: Corporate, Real Estate, Restaurant Owner
Year Started in Network Marketing Industry: 1989
“Finding your hot button will keep you off the couch!” Bob Covino

People consume over seven trillion dollars a year on everything from cars to Q-tips. Once I understood the concept of people changing their buying habits and redirecting their spending to become wealthy, I knew this business would work. The success and thrill I’ve found with network marketing beats anything else I have done.

-Do you ever look at other ways to make money and be a blessing to people? Network marketing is one of the surest ways to do that. When the opportunity came my way, I seized it though my wife was very skeptical. Three years later, my story changed. I retired at 44, sold my three companies, and it’s been a sleigh ride ever since! In fact, we just recently purchased 12 acres and we’ll be building an estate. In Trevo, history is rewritten and dreams are achieved. You can do it here: Trevo is a lifestyle in a single bottle. Ask me how?

-Network Marketing opened my eyes to the fact that, although I thought I was successful, I didn’t really have it all. The thing that I was always proud of was that I developed a pretty good lifestyle, but with three young kids, who were six, eight, and ten, I forget to develop a life. I used to think they had sleeping disease because when I left for work in the morning and got home at night, they were sleeping! With Itevo, you will develop the lives of your loved ones. Today is Monday, and I am writing from home enjoying fellowship with my wonderful family.

-My number one priority is my relationship with the Lord, number two is my family, and number three is the ability, with my business, to go out and change some lives. That sounds pretty heavy, but that’s what this business does! Trevo opportunity helps you to value what will add value unto you. I do about five business training meeting a month, and we have many one-on-one meeting, kitchen table meetings and the like. Sizzling has been since ages. Remember sizzle sells the stick.

-My greatest obstacle in succeeding was the frustration that came along with the rejection. It occur when you present this to people who need the opportunity desperately, whether it’s financially, socially, spiritually, or whatever, and they’re still not willing to give it a shot. It is a challenge you go through, but we believe every No gets you closer to a Yes.

-I use a time saving approach when sharing my opportunity with my prospects. Utilizing our business’s contracting materials-the tapes, videos and books- is a great way to share the opportunity. Use the Don Failla book, use the tools in Trevo, and simplify your profession.

If you are not succeeding in Network Marketing, it’s most likely because you are fighting the word “Effort”. Today, society seems to have a “Get Rich Quick” mentality. So many people aren’t willing to pay the price and dedicate their time to working the plan. Remember you are design to work the plan in Trevo; the plan is not design to work without your effort.

Self-confidence is a major to success in any endeavor. Remember these words; “If you think you can, you can, If you think you can’t, you’re right.” In Trevo, yes we can

My best advice for you. Live a life of integrity in this business, find somebody in your upline who can be your mentor. Somebody you can trust and believe in, who has ethics and morals, and will spend the time to teach and guide you. With a mentor in place, and when you work hard and work smart for however long it takes, you will succeed. Get support here: Trevo is a lifestyle in a single bottle. Ask me how?

Keep sponsoring, teaching, sizzling, duplicating and helping people shift into high gear, and great will be your result and reward in time.

It can only get better!

To your success

Matthew Abolurin

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