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Good day and Happy Green Monday. I am writing from the city of Warri Delta state, in Nigeria, helping the members of A2W and their guests to go the Don Failla way. The excitement and commitment of all stakeholders in Warri, is contagious.

Today, I want to continue with my promise to share with you within the next 50 Mondays of great achievers in our industry. I believe if all internalize the lessons by acting on them, in time our rewards will exceed our effort.

Name: Karen Cormier

Background: Sales, Secretarial

Year Started in Network Marketing Industry: 1989

“When I fully understood the concept of network marketing, I couldn’t figure out how it couldn’t work.” Karen Cormier

Time freedom is definitely the most fulfilling part of network marketing for me. Oh, how I enjoy my freedom! My dad is 93 years old, this past summer I spent time with him fishing, which he loves to do. When you can take your 93 year old dad out fishing anytime you want, and not be on the job, that’s a freedom most people never experience. Network marketing helps you to spend time with the people you love.

-I did hundreds and hundreds of presentations during my first year and not just one or two and hoping for the BEST. This business has turned into a million dollar enterprise for me. Treat this business, like a business; work at it consistently every day and in time, your rewards will surpass your efforts.

-An excellent product and compensation plan is a key element to selecting a network marketing company. Any Network Marketing Company with the right product and compensation plan, will make you unstoppable. Find it here:

-My greatest obstacle has always been the fear of rejection. To this day, I still hate rejection but I’m getting better. I live by the motto: “Feel the fear and do it anyway!” In A2W, our manual, How to own your Life by Don Failla, using the “Third Party Presentation/Approach is helping us to handle objection. Get your copies of Don Failla to empower your team.

-I also travel about 350 miles a week to run meetings. That may sound like a lot, and it is, but they are so integral to our business. We hold them every week. There is nothing like being in the same room with hundreds of people who have the same love and conviction for a product and company that you do. The A2W Weekly Training Meetings are meant to teach us and our guests on how to succeed in our business and keep us motivated to achieve our desired success. Leverage on the training Centre in your area and if you don’t have one, start one and let the sizzle continue.

The compelling ingredients needed to succeed in network marketing are commitment, sincerity and product knowledge. But the biggest kept secret in network marketing is the key of consistency. A little bit of effort every day pays off in a big way. “Never, never, never, give up.” Keep digging to bed rock in your team.

Master your mind, your time and your communication. A better life is here for you. Learn how to master those 3 thing here:

Keep sponsoring, teaching, sizzling, duplicating and helping people shift into high gear, and great will be your result.

It can only get better!

To your success

Matthew Abolurin

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