Achieving Your Dreams 7


Good day and Happy Green Monday. The excitement in the air is so much. Can you see it and feel it?

Today, I want to continue with my promise to share with you within the next 50 Mondays of great achievers in our industry. Let’s internalize the lessons by acting on them and our result; performance will exceed our expectations in this business. I am sorry I have to do this on a Tuesday because I travelled and came back but yesterday, Monday.

Name: Len Clement

Background: Newspaper Industry. Teaching, Sports

Year Started in Network Marketing Industry: 1979

“When I get call from somebody in my downlines and they tell me they just recruited a distributor, I absolutely get more excited by that than when I recruit a distributor myself.” Len Clements

Before I got into Network Marketing, I threw newspapers out of my car at 3am, seven days a week. My official title was “Adult Motor Carrier.” In Network Marketing, serious people, hardworking individuals with unstoppable determination and passion to succeed

What got me excited about Network Marketing were the time freedom and the fact that I could achieve success in this business. I prefer flexible hours of work than 40 fixed hours of work. Don Failla says, depending on what you want in life, this business require minimum of 5-10 flexible hours in a week.

-Seeing my distributors/downlines achieve success is the best reward in this business. That validates what I do. In A2W, you are not a distributor if you have not duplicated to your third level. You are not successful if you do not have successful successors

– I also look for people who are teachers. They often make better Network Marketers thank professional sales people. Network Marketing is not about selling, it is about teaching, training and sponsoring. It is about teaching people what you know that will make their lives better. In A2W, we teach people how to own their lives and be financially free.

-When I approach prospects, I simply tell them the truth. I let them know that it take hard work to success in anything in life. In A2W, we tell people the truth. Credibility is key in our business. Get the truth of about the business here:

-The number one key to success in Network Marketing is to focus on one company. If you were to make a list of the most successful Network Marketers in this industry, most have been in only one company for years. Stay with your A2W business and continue to practice the four things Don Failla says we should do, and then your success is guaranteed. A rolling stone gathers no storm. Be a MONOGAMOUS Network Marketer to your A2W Business and great will be your achievement. This is one of the genuine company here:

Follow your Dream and do whatever it takes honestly, and your success is sure to come!

Keep sponsoring, teaching, sizzling, duplicating and helping people shift into high gear, and great will be your result.

It can only get better!

To your success

Matthew Abolurin

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