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Good day. Sure your Monday was green. I and Ola Daramola had a wonderful time in Port-Novo, in Benin Republic over the weekend. We came back yesterday, Monday. So sorry I could not send this to you yesterday.  I believe the Second half of this year will be far better than the first half for you in your family, business and endeavors. Have you gotten your five serious people? I am so sure you are enjoying this A2W School where we are all students and yet earning in Dollars every Monday morning.

Today, I want to continue with my promise to share with you within the next 50 Mondays of great achievers in our industry. Let’s internalize the lessons by acting on them and our result; performance will exceed our expectations in this business.

Name: Robert Butwin

Background: Sportswear Sales

Year Started in Network Marketing Industry: I984

“You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.” Robert Butwin

I was introduced to network marketing by a brother who was making much money in one month as I was making in a year. In A2W, by loving people, helping people achieve their dreams to become better, you are indirectly increasing your earning potentials. Increase your earning potentials here:

-To be successful in Network Marketing, you must become obsessed with personal growth. Get a mentor, read inspirational books and listen to self-help tapes.

-What drives me to succeed in Network Marketing is the desire to show people a way to live a more meaningful life. Make a positive contribution to as many other people’s lives as possible

-My day gets going around 8 a.m. every day. I make phone calls to new prospects, as well as to leaders in my team/organization, until  11 a.m. I commit about 35 hours a week to running my business. Network Marketing, Avenues to Wealth is not for lazy people. There is work to do. Organize your time for success in A2W.

-Teaching people how to use the internet (social media) and the power of home meetings makes lots of difference in people and get them up and running through whatever means they feel comfortable with. In A2W, use the sizzle sessions, organize home meeting, attend the social media class to learn how you can use facebook, twitter, youtube, blogging etc. to promote your A2W business.

-Don’t keep any useful information away from your team members

-If someone rejects my opportunity, it’s usually because their perception of network marketing is overshadowing the truth of it. People automatically think Network Marketing is sales, but it really isn’t. A successful Network Marketer merely presents information to people. In A2W, we are simply helping people to know how to sponsor through teaching

-People quit Network Marketing for all kinds of reasons. But when you come right down to it, it’s generally because they find it is not easy as they thought it would be. You don’t make money overnight in A2W Business. Don’t allow the fear of failure and rejection make you quit a legitimate given opportunity like A2W. Quitters never win and winners never quit.

-The most important keys to success? Mentors, mentors and mentors! Find a mentor who shares your values and let them guide you to succeed in A2W opportunity. Always use the success formula: S= D (I+A+P) +B Success is a function of burning desire to seek for information on how to succeed from mentors, apply the information by taking immediate action, persevere and never give up on the drive to achieve freedom and keep believing success is possible. Drive to freedom here:

-Become a mentor yourself. Choose to be part of others success story. Give all you can. Say this: “I am on a mission to impact the lives of as many as possible with the opportunity of Network Marketing (A2W), and will continue to do so for as long as I can.”

Network Marketing (A2W) is a vehicle that not only enables you to become more, but also enables you to reach out and help other people become more.

It can only get better!

To your success

Matthew Abolurin

Platinum Leader in A2W

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