7 Pillars of Success

The only way things can change for you is when you change. It is not enough to know the pillars of success and do nothing about them. You only do what you know and become what you do. The doing it principle MUST come to play. “Just do it”. The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is the do it principle.

Ignorance is a killer disease. Come out of the average life and start desiring a life of abundance. One of the ways to live a fulfilled life is to come out of self inflicted pity, poverty mentality, unbelief about money, average life, the spirit of laziness, fear of taking risk , to mention a few.

Somebody describe ignorance as “a black man, wearing a black suit, looking for a black object in a black bag in a dark room”. Seek knowledge and be free from ignorance.

Pillars are strong poles supporting a building from collapse. Pillars are very prominent within a building. The seven pillars, am about to mention must become visible in our day to day life if we desire true success.

Attitude. Your attitude today determines your success tomorrow. Attitude is everything. I respect your passion for your pursuit in life, but your passion without a right attitude will eventually ruin your life and business of life. Your attitude is a powerful tool for positive action that will lead to profitable result.

Personal Development. Your output is a function of your input. If you want to become somebody develop yourself. What you need to succeed is in you. Discover, develop and deploy the capacity you have built for your success and fulfillment. You can’t be blessed beyond your capacity to be a blessing. Work hard on yourself than you do on your job. Your income/profit is a function of your personal development. Things change when you change.

Time management. We must plan our days to achieve success. Goals will be achieved through daily to do list. If you don’t plan your day, someone else will plan it for you to achieve his/her goal. Time is money. If you improve the quality of your time management, you improve the quality of your life.

Relationship. Life is all about relationship because those relationships compete for what you don’t have. Don’t be a lone ranger in life. Relate with those that would help you achieve success. There are things you will never get through going to school, working, praying, and traveling for trainings but through relationship.

Effective communication. Our communication ability must grow daily. Daily learn to listen, write and speak. Practice makes perfect. If people must hear you, you must hear them and speak well. There is absolutely nothing impossible through continuous learning.

Health. You health is your success, wealth, happiness, fulfillment, joy in life. You must not be sick mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our health must be balance and do all we can to prevent sickness. Live well, rest well and eat well. The spirit, soul and body must be properly taken care of. No way is holier than the other.

Be relevant. Make your life count daily. Be a blessing to someone. Let Benjamin Franklin motto be the goal of your life. In the morning; “What good shall I do today” In the evening; “What good have I done today”.

You will succeed.

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