5 Rules to Succeeding Online by Gbenga Aijotan

To succeed online takes a lot of courage and strength. It also involves following some rules that will help you get to your goal faster. The rules are time tested and proven to help you cut off the bullsh*t and spend your time doign what matters.  Best of all, the rules are based on other individuals past experiences and this will ensure that you learn from their past mistakes so you won’t fall into them.


Rule No 1:  Set up a seperate email account and use it to receive newsletters from Internet marketing gurus

I personally have over 20,000 emails in my general email account. This is because I suscribe to lots of newsletter online. I do this for a different purpose than most people because I am in the Internet marketing niche. For newbies, this might be confusing.

When you start out online, you’ll end up with boatload of emails/newsletters from so many individuals calling themselves gurus. Best advice is that you set up a separate email and use it to receive all these newsletters. Once you identify the top 5 GENUINE individuals, then you can suscribe them to your personal email and follow their advices.


Rule No 2:  Beware of buying any product that you don’t undestand

Always ensure that you understand how a product works before you buy it. If you come across a sales letter lavishing you with screenshots of earnings and then telling you that there is a “miracle software” or “push button” system that will help you achieve earnings like that, ensure that it states exactly what the system is about.

Too many times, I have seen a lot of products, read their sales letter and even checked reviews and discovered that they are rehashed methods available in the public domain.

Simple truth is; If you don’t understand what you are buying, don’t buy it! Irrespective of whatever promises the sales letter gives.


Rule No 3: Stick to one system at a time

Stick, Stick, Stick….Stick to one system at a time, for at least 6 months. If you buy a product on “how to make money online using a particular system” you’ll do yourself a lot of good by sticking to it long enough for it to work for you. Don’t go out there looking for the next miracle system or opportunity. Give yourself time to learn the entire system, IMPLEMENT IT, Rinse & repeat until it starts making profit for you.

This process is similar to learning to ride a car. You won’t know how to drive a car just because you bought the latest Toyota Car. You need to learn how to drive, make mistakes while driving, become perfect through extensive learning/experience and lastly becoming a pro driver as a result of consistent driving.

Same thing applies to Internet Marketing. Give yourself time to learn and implement what you’ve learnt. Give yourself time to make mistakes too until it works for you. Best of all….do not be an “ebook whore”.


Rule No 4: Buy products that help your current plan

You probably have a plan on the internet business you want to run. Ensure that every product you buy completely relates with what you want to learn.

It will be absurd for an individual who is trying to get accustomed with information marketing, to spend their hard earned money to buy brand new systems that has nothing to do with information marketing.

Take for instance, I am currently learning and making money with Cost Per Action. It will be absurd for me to want to buy an e-book/video/system that shows me how to trade forex because it is not included in my plan whatsoever.


Rule No 5:  Take the Plunge

Yes, take the plunge. Even though there are so many self professed guru out there, some really good, others are just a flash in the pan, it shouldn’t stop you from taking action.

There is so much money to be made online, so don’t waste too much of your time trying to figure out who to trust and who not to.

Remember, even with most systems/methods online, the most important aspect is that you “take action”. Even if you bought a winning/working system/formula from a Guru that is highly trusted and knows their onions, if you do not take time to learn, Implement, Rinse and repeat….you’ll still NOT make money.

So go right now, take action, persist, seek help on forums, and you’ll be the better for it.

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