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Children’s Day!

Today is a special day all over Nigeria. It is children’s day. The children are having fun all over and trying to give themselves hope of a better tomorrow. Parents, teachers, non-governmental institution on children initiative and government alike, are today giving children assurance that they are the future leaders. Today in Nigeria, we are

The Jamborees of Today Are The Poverty of Tomorrow

  A pastor friend last week shared with me his anger with his sister. It was a holy anger over his sister’s decision. The sister got a performance bonus from her employer,  N1million, collected a loan of N1million and added her life savings of N700, 000 totally N2.7million and bought a brand new car from

Wealth Principle 3

Wealth is character. One of the best ways to prepare for wealth is to change your person. A man of good character will attract wealth but not all men with good character will be wealthy. A holy man who sees wealth as the root of all evil, wealth will elude him for life. Don’t be

Wealth Principle 2

Financial Intelligence: It means you have the wisdom to be financially free. The Spirit of Wisdom supersedes the Spirit of Knowledge. The laws of financial intelligence help us to know what is required of us to be wealthy. Wisdom helps us to interpret these laws into action plan. Wisdom is the principal thing. There is

Wealth Principles

1. The inner game is more important than the outer game. You MUST first win in your mind to win on the field 2. No easy route to prosperity. Wealth built on shifting ground rules does not last. Follow the process of creating real lasting wealth 3. The vision of a better life without the