Monthly Archive:: October 2012

Dream Come True!

Don’t stop believing in your dream, purpose, prophecy, it can come true in your lifetime and also outlive you. Life is for a purpose and nobody is here by mistake. Every individual in the world is unique and carries special assignment. Failure to achieve this special assignment is a great regret in the heart of


The Wonder Banks (Ponzi scheme) are gradually coming back and the pyramid schemes are still around with all kinds of names. Take heed! It is time to say no to opportunities that will not promote a personal healthy life, which will not promote friendship and profitable lasting relationship with people. Some people deliberately refuse to


  “The price of greatness is responsibility.” Winston Churchill You are not born a Winner You are not born a Looser You are born to choose or born with a choice Your results in life are up to you. Agreed? Friends, the level you are today, you are the cause and the level you see