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Wealth Basics-key decisions for you

  There are six key wealth basics which you need to understand to get your wealth planning on track.   Wealth Basic 1: It is a ten day camel ride! Developing real wealth is almost NEVER a quick fix. It’s almost NEVER the easy road. It almost NEVER makes headlines (at least while it’s in


  Two  2years ago, I attended the very first Leadership Academy of Avenues to Wealth in Nigeria. I have been in Avenues to Wealth since 2008, but never understood Network Marketing and the potential in the opportunity.  Thank God I attended the Academy for the period of 2weeks. I am a living testimony of the

The Solid Rock!

  I was in church today and my pastor shared unpleasant incident that happened to him. One of his siblings who was the first in their family at the age of 14 to know Christ as his personal Savior and Lord, died a painful death the previous day Saturday July 28th, 2012. Very painful indeed.