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And it Came To Pass!

The Bible is litter with this phrase. Almost every page that you open to you will find this phrase. It simply means it came and passes. The year 2010 has come and gone. It is forever gone. The remembrance of special events and incidents that happened in 2010 will only come to mind in years

Entrepreneurship- key to Financial Independence

One of the greatest needs of our country at the moment is entrepreneurs. Our country needs people of action. Entrepreneurs are people who refuse to surrender their lives to external forces. They are people who take the initiative. Spectators do not take decisions; they only watch actors and at the end of the day they


“Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city the watchman wakes but in vain” Without God in this passing year, life, business, career, marriages, relationships, ministry, nations, families cannot do anything. Where God is not respected, there is bound to be disappointments. The God

What is the Secret of Success?

I was in a class last week where one of my mentors was teaching. He asked the participants the above question. There were various answers from the students. Some of the answers were; success is determination, focus, ability to set smart goals and achieve them and so on. The same day I posted on my

Ways To Plant Money Tree in 2011

I am sure, very sure that 2010 have been a very profitable, fruitful, empowering and processing year for many of us. God has been faithful to all and sundry. The future is looking bright and beautiful for all those who built capacity in some specific areas of their lives. After God and people, the next

Be The Programmer!

In teaching patience, there is a common saying. “Wait for your ship to come in.” John L. Mason, however, once said, “Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to meet it.” Our societal and educational structures produce people who put the responsibility on others to make things happen for them. We want


Nothing in this world can take the place of determination in the life of anyone that strongly desire success and great achievement in life. Talents will not, education will not, and even genius will not. You can be excused for lack of physical strength but you are inexcusable if you are without determination because a

Bits For Personal Success

No one becomes successful by accident. Success requires making a plan and sticking to it. It is simple, but does require commitment, integrity, passion for people; it is not hard to do, but does require hard work. The good news is that once you begin, the results are coming almost instantly. The miracle of a

Money Language Part 2

Financial crisis is like a candle, the more it burns the more it goes down. To overcome this, you must master money language. After God and people, your next greatest need is money. John Wesley, a preacher of holiness, that many holiness preachers of today pattern their life and ministry after, have this to say

Who are you?

Recently, I posted on my wall of facebook a question. The question was; do you want to be a great leader or a great person? Some of my friends said they wanted to be a great leader. Only one of them said, all great persons are great leaders,but not all great leaders are great persons. He